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Make the best scene in the simplest way


北歐的事物總是帶有渾然天成的簡潔俐落,單純,卻有味道,乍然接觸北歐幾個設計品牌,讓本人深深迷戀;對本人來說,四處旅行,和新文化事物相遇,一直是重要的事, 也是本人設計的靈感泉源。

設計本出於自然,最直接自然的方式,引進到居家空間,用最簡約的方式打造出最個性化的設計,用最天然的材質,打造最健康無毒的空間,北歐設計強調創造力,健康自然,以及永續性。 本人將貫徹這個理念與精神,來打造符合北歐精神的生活空間,強調收納與生活空間並重,讓北歐自然、簡約、永續的觀念,落實到每一個家中,每一位要裝修的人身上。它,無關乎金額的大小,自己喜歡就好,重要的是不要為了裝修而裝修,要讓住屋空間變的有意義。

Nordic things are always simple and neat with a totally natural, pure, there is the taste, several Nordic design brand exposure Suddenly, I was deeply infatuated with me, to travel around and meet new culture of things, has been the important thing is my source of inspiration for the design. For the design of this nature, the most natural way to direct introduction into living space, with the most simple way to create the most personalized designs with the most natural materials to create the most healthy non-toxic space, Nordic design emphasizes creativity, healthy and natural and resiliency. I will implement this idea and spirit, to create living space in line with the Nordic spirit, emphasizing both the storage and living space, so that the Nordic natural, simple, sustainable ideas into every home, every person to be renovated. It’s not about the size of the amount, they like, it is important not to renovation and decoration, to make housing space becomes meaningful.